Cutlery - Fork, Knife and Spoon

Cutlery - Hans Haupt as "The Fork"“The Fork”

Hans Haupt is the founder and chief editor of the Upper Palatte. Amongst the Upper Crust, he is colloquially referred to as ‘The Fork’. Although Hans adores food, he is by no means a “foodie”. Rather, he is the kind of person who enjoys the act of devouring a tasty meal and sharing that experience with great company. It is the social accompaniment, which food inevitably brings to the table, that he thrives on. Hans hopes that the Upper Palatte will grow to become the primary resource that good friends visit in order to determine which culinary adventures will offer the most memorable experiences.

Jessica McDonald is the Dessert Spoon.“Dessert Teaspoon”

Life is too short not to enjoy dessert at every conceivable occasion, and dessert is too divine to rush through with a dessert spoon. This is why Jessica Meyer is the ‘Dessert Teaspoon’. Apart from her infatuation with sexy shoes, Jess is known for her exceptional sweet tooth, which often governs what main course she will have and whether a restaurant is considered good or absolutely fabulous. In fact, her sweet tooth is so powerful that it dictates most life decisions… as surely life is only made up of the sweet things?


“But’her Knife”

Hailing from a land far away on the outskirts of Johannesburg, Candice Richards spends her evenings, and some breakfast, tea and lunch times… pretty much most of the time, enjoying the local culinary offerings that the beautiful city of gold, Johannesburg, has to offer. When Candice is not devouring the latest culinary treat, she is a slave to the Internet in order to pay for her food driven exploits. She is also a lover of all things digital while being an accomplished developer of mobile applications. Candice hopes to take over the world, one dining experience at a time.


Although Taryn Jacobs is not much of a stirrer, she definitely is one when it comes to her tea. A big fan of herbal teas, Taryn was labelled with the nickname ‘T-Spoon’. She is, however, not limited to ‘teaspooning’ her tea, and is a self-confessed foodie with an indulgent sweet tooth. Taryn enjoys everything from Indian to Thai cuisine and anything else she may find in-between. She also finds great joy in ‘the new’ and has embarked on additional cooking classes to aid in enhancing her future culinary adventures. Good food, good wine and of course good tea, along with great company, what more could a girl ask for?!