Welcome to the Croissant Chronicles.

Nov 26, 2012 by

One of the most globally infamous pastries has to be the humble, yet deliciously buttery and decadently flaky, viennoiserie bread roll that everyone knows as a croissant. This golden brown pastry is often available in a small variety of permutations such as chocolate laden, pecan dusted and jam filled. However, the croissant is far more versatile a pastry than first meets the tongue. Imagine this commonly available delight united with other tantalising food items, like a warm caramelised onion, tomato jam and brie infusion. The results are nothing short of flavourgasmic.

The Croissant Chronicles is inspired by our very own But’Her Knife and T-Spoon who, along with the rest of the Upper Crust, will endeavour to find the most unique, lavish and downright tasty croissant recipes.

Each Wednesday will host a new entry into the Croissant Chronicles and, as I have been informed by the But’Her Knife herself, will have themes such as ‘The morning after Croissant’, ‘The Dinner Party Croissant’, ‘The Hangover Croissant’ and much more. So be sure to tune in each week for a new adventure in the Upper Palatte’s Croissant Chronicles.

About the author

Hans Haupt is the founder and chief editor of the Upper Palatte. Amongst the Upper Crust, he is colloquially referred to as ‘The Fork’. Although Hans adores food, he is by no means a “foodie”. Rather, he is the kind of person who enjoys the act of devouring a tasty meal and sharing that experience with great company. It is the social accompaniment, which food inevitably brings to the table, that he thrives on. Hans hopes that the Upper Palatte will grow to become the primary resource that good friends visit in order to determine which culinary adventures will offer the most memorable experiences.